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Rajasthan, "the land of RAJAS (or kings)". It is the second largest state of India situated in the Northwest region. Rajasthan is also called 'Rajputana', the country of Rajputs." Just as every human society possesses a culture, so does Rajasthan. Many people come for Rajasthan Sightseeing.

Rajasthan's culture comes from its two main tribes-Bhils and Minas. The Bhils form an important group in the southern part of the state. The Minas are Rajasthan's largest and most widely spread tribal group. In the north, they inhabit the sikar belt and in the southwest, the Mina settlement mix with the Bhels. Above all the Rajputs form an important section of the population.

The 'Jats' are the people living in the north and west of Rajasthan and are primarily an agricultural people. The main language of the state is rajasthani which comprises of a number of indo-aryan dialect. The four most important of these are Marwari (west), Jaipuri (east), Malwi (southeast), Mewati (nothwest). So you can come for Rajasthan Sightseeing after having Rajasthan Tour Package.